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W.W. Bass was born in Warren County, Tennessee. His father, Magnus Thomas Bass, operated the Tennessee Woolen Mills there from about 1904 until his death in 1938. His grandfather, William Bass, was a widely known preacher who pastored many Baptist churches in Wilson County. When W.W. Bass was born, his grandfather put a silver dollar in his hand, and when W.W. clutched the coin, his grandfather said, “He’s going to save his money.”  W.W. was educated in the McMInnville city schools. He later received degrees from the University of Tennessee-Knoxvlle and the University of North Carolina-Chapel Hill. He taught English at Carson Newman College for thirty-nine years, about half of them as departmental chairman.  On December 24, 1938, he married Madeline Walsh. They had two sons and five grandchildren. He was a long time member of First Baptist Church of Jefferson City. He always felt Jefferson County was one of the richest in history and was thankful that he belonged to an organization that appreciated its history. He enjoyed his vegetable and flower garden along with walking and nature observation, and classical music over WUOT.

Our next meeting will be at the courthouse in Dandridge on Thursday the 19th.

Speaker: Dr. Christopher P. Magra ,
“Free Trade, Sailor’s Rights, and the Maritime Origins of the War of 1812.”

The speaker will discuss the War of 1812.

Brief Bio

Dr. Christopher P. Magra is Assistant Professor of Early American history at the University of Tennessee.  He has published articles related to maritime history in the International Journal of Maritime History, the New England Quarterly, and the Northern Mariner.  The Canadian Nautical Research Society honored him with the Keith Matthews Award for his scholarship.  Cambridge University Press published his first book The Fisherman’s Cause: Atlantic Commerce and Maritime Dimensions of the American Revolution in 2009, which won the Winslow House Book Prize.  He has already begun research on his second book, a comparative analysis of British naval impressment in the Atlantic World.

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