Joseph A. Swann is a native of Maryville, Tennessee, born in 1950 to Eugene Swann, originally of Dandridge, and Sue Morton Swann of Maryville.  Joseph’s father, Eugene,  grew up in an old house in Dandridge, where Eugene’s mother, Nina Gwinn Swann lived until 1963. The house was built by Nina’s great uncle, Major Samuel S. McCuistion, about 1838. The family often went to see Joseph’s grandmother Nina there, and his father (Eugene) told him that their ancestors, the McCuistions, had lived on Long Creek and were neighbors of Davy Crockett when Davy lived there. Eugene was told that his great-great grandfather, James McCuistion, ran a sort of store there and that Davy Crockett gave him his rifle in payment for money owed to him at the store in 1806. It remained in the family through the years. In 1978 Joseph bought the rifle from a relative that had inherited it.  The restored rifle was loaned to the Museum of East Tennessee History in Knoxville. Joseph turned to the job of finding out more about the rifle. Through his research, he was shocked to find out how very little history there was on the early life of East Tennessee’s most famous native son. In 1979 he began the process of collecting information to write a book on the life of David Crockett in East Tennessee. His Crockett research has made him quite familiar with the people and places of Jefferson County. He has looked at thousands of public records such as wills, deeds, court minutes, church records, etc., for Jefferson County and its rich history will always be a great fascination for him.