Cleve Smith, beginning with his earliest memories, was always a collector of any item that interested him. He collected folding match books for years as a young boy and had a collection that numbered in the thousands. Later, old letters and postage stamps fascinated him, and soon replaced the interest in match books. He pursued this hobby until by the time he entered the Air Force in the Korean War, he had amassed an astounding collection of postal items. Even while in service,  he and his wife Betty continued to add to this collection.  While hunting one day in 1956, he found an ancient stone arrowhead and carried it home. He was intrigued by the item. He returned to the same spot and found more. This newfound collection were of articles that had a story to tell.  They were a pleasure to collect and an important source of ancient history of our area.  In 1977 he bought a metal detector in hopes of finding a few old coins. He found some, but in the process he found something else. He found a bullet from the War Between the States. His curiosity was aroused and he returned again and again, finding more bullets along with uniform buttons, gun parts, and other items just as they were left by the soldiers long ago.  Cleve had an interesting group of ancestors. Joseph Beeler was a veteran of the Battle of King’s Mountain, and Cleve had family in the War Between the States.  Since 1977 he has endeavored to search for, recover, document and record everything possible about the War Between the States, for so much of it is now being destroyed by the advance of civilization. Cleve has written several books on the War Between the States, books which include lots of pictures.