Roy Rankin was born into the Rankin Family that knew its history and heritage well, and made a continuing effort to pass these from one generation to the next. Three Rankin brothers, Samuel, Richard, and Thomas II, along with John Bradshaw, were the four pioneer settlers of the Dumplin Creek headwater area. They came to the valley about 1785.  Roy was born July 15, 1917, at his parents’, Frank W. and Lula Rankin, home on what is now C.H. Rankin Road near White Pine. His home training was centered around these primary principles-the religious life of the family, the Scots-Irish work ethic, and the continuous promotion of the need for education.  He grew up on a 400+ acre farm. He graduated in 1935, then attended Maryville College and in 1936 transferred to the University of Tennessee. But due to severe illness, he was forced to drop out in the middle of the year and take a year to regain his health.  In the 1940s he enlisted for three years in the Army Air Corps, later to become the Army Air Force. Because of World War II, his service time was later extended to five years.  The December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor bombing immediately brought a sense of urgency to the Air Force training. While stationed in Birmingham, he married Marguerite Justus of Knoxville, in Knoxville, on June 26, 1942. He returned to White Pine after service life and he began to work on the family farm again. Due to continuing sever back problems, he turned toward the electronics field. They had one son and three daughters. The greatest tragedy of their lives came in 1978 when his son Don and two daughters were killed by a house explosion in Knoxville. Marianne, his wife, lost both legs below her knees but after rehabilitation returned to her job at TVA.  Retirement had given him more time for his interests in family and county history, and he enjoyed being a member and sometimes an officer of the Jefferson County Historical Society.